The evil “E” word

On the Nutrisystem website they have weekly goals published, much like I was trying to do on my own.  Well, week three is to incorporate exercise.

Yes, I said it!


I’ll say it again too…  exercise, exercise, exercise, exercise,exercise, exercise, exercise!!!!!

Gah, I’m killing my own motivation with this…  I hate freaking exercising!  I was chubby when I started school thanks to one of my best playmates, Little Debbie.  Add to it that I’m not what anyone would consider a natural athlete (dancer maybe, athlete never).  So of course I was teased and picked on in gym class.  Once got punched in the stomach by the biggest boy in class when we were lining up to go in…  I always figured it was either because he had a crush on me or because I never once made it to first base in kick ball.  We’ll assume the former.  😉

So what the hell do you do for exercise when you hate to exercise?  I’m talking loathe…  all the emotional programming from elementary school every time I even think about doing anything remotely athletic.  You make it into a game!  A video game to be more precise.

While I was checking out the discussion boards at Nutrisystem I discovered a 305 page thread all about this game for Wii called “Walk It Out.”  It sounded like a physical version of Farmville or something similar…  earn points for stepping in time to the music and use those points to buy trees, cars, flower beds, etc.  I looked into it and found that although it is discontinued it is readily available and only $20…  definitely not bad for a video game.

So I bought it!  I just finished my second session…  I walked 1.2 miles in 30 minutes and burned 160 calories!  It’s pretty nifty (yes, I said nifty)!  You get a walking buddy who tells you how you’re doing along the way, there are floating spheres everywhere that have the items you can buy, some have new walking paths to unlock, and every session there are 7 color spheres that create a rainbow when you collect them all (damn, now I sound like a friggin’ pokemon commercial).

Yeah, I’m excited about my little discovery here.  Just wanted to share with anyone who might read this.  As addicted as I am to Rock Band these days, this might just work out for me…  walk then rock?

Have a good one!


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