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There’s a reason I don’t keep house plants…  I’m all happy and attentive with them at first, then I get caught back into my regular routine and they usually die.  😦  Poor plants.  Unfortunately that seems to be what’s happening with this blog too.  But the good thing is that I’m creating new routines and I’m not blogging as much because I’m cooking healthy food!!!

Speaking of cooking healthy food, I want to share a recipe I came up with over the long weekend, but first I have to tell you why I needed to create this recipe in the first place…  Friday was an inclement weather day for us.  In other words, roads were iced over and nobody knew how to get across town to go to work.  So hubby and I went to my in-laws to have a family breakfast with them and the kids.  Not knowing what food they had on hand I grabbed both a breakfast and a lunch entree.  Fortunately hubby was making eggs, so I got a protein serving in too.  We went to the mall for a while after that and didn’t end up getting back home until about 3:30, at which point I was tired and took a nap.  I didn’t wake up until almost 6.  Now, on Nutrisystem you’re not supposed to go more than 4 hours without eating, except overnight.  That, plus the fact that I still had add ins from breakfast & lunch plus my full dinner, a snack and my dessert…  I had a LOT of eating to do.

Even if you didn’t know this about me before it probably won’t be a shock to find out that I’m just not a veggie person.  So when I found myself confronted with the fact that I had to have 4-5 servings of veggies on top of all of my other food I almost gave up and skipped them all for the day.  But then I had a brilliant idea…

A few days ago I picked up a few cans of low sodium V8, since 4 oz can count as 1 veggie serving.  I drank a can on its own and it was terrible, but I thought…  maybe I can use it as a soup base!  Which is exactly what I did!  Last night I used a NS grilled chicken breast entree, a couple of baby portabellas, about half of a zucchini, some garlic powder & garlic salt and a bit of Tobasco…  suddenly I had 4 veggie servings PLUS my entree sitting in front of me in a bowl.  It turned out so good I made it again today with a frozen chicken breast (counted as 2 protein servings).  I looked at it before I took a bite and wasn’t thrilled about eating the same thing again, but after I did take a bite I didn’t care because it was so tasty!!!

And before I go, for anyone who’s keeping track, to date I’ve lost 17.8 pounds.  Part is due to medication my doctor put me on this week, but I don’t care…  my jeans are getting big!!!  Glad I saved a few pairs that I “outgrew!!!”


4 week weigh in – No I haven’t died of starvation!

I realize I’ve been terrebly neglectful of this blog lately.  I really apologize for that.  Part of that is due to the fact that I just haven’t had time to do much of anything on a computer outside of work.  The other part of that is that I’m finding myself addicted to the Nutrisystem website…  sooooo much information to absorb!  Although you may be happy to know that I’m starting to get to a point that I’m reading articles and posts and thinking, “Oh, I knew that already.”

I’m guessing (or at least hoping) that you are curious about how my weight loss has been going.  Today marks my 4th weigh in since beginning Nutrisystem 4 weeks and 1 day ago.  My result…  I’m down 9 pounds from my sign-up weight, which makes me down 11.6 pounds from my actual starting weight! 

(For my sanity, from this point forward in my blogging I’m only going to use my sign-up weight to calculate differences since it’s plastered on my NS home page.  If you really want to know the grand total, add 2.6  :-))

What am I learning on Nutrisystem?  What types of foods I should be eating and when and in what quantities.  My tastebuds are totally re-programmed.  I’m actually tasting the sweetness in my fruits and vegetables because my tastebuds aren’t skewed with overly sugared, over salted and overly fatty foods.  I imagine that if I ate a fast food burger right about now, I’d end up in the bathroom for the rest of the night with an upset stomach. 

Am I hungry?  Almost never!  The other night hubby asked me, “Are you eating again?”  My response, “YES!  I’m never hungry because I’m always f’ing eating!!!”

Am I motivated?  Hell yeah!  Looking around the discussion boards I see so many members who have reached their goal weight, gone beyond their original goal (!) and are maintaining their weight lower than what they originally hoped to reach.  If that isn’t inspiring, I don’t know what is.  Some of them still order NS food for ease, conveniece, flavor (yes, flavor…  some of it is really tasty) but most that do this don’t eat 100% NS all the time.  There is a program called Flex where you have 5 days of NS food and 2 days of your own.  Other people order 1 months worh and spread it over two months.  Others end up completely on their own.  I like the fact that when I’m ready, I can tailor my maintenance to what will work for me…  in a way that’s what I do now with my add ins.

Oh, the add ins.  A lot of people ask about that.  On the plan you have a NS breakfast entree, lunch entree, dinner entree and a snack.  Throughout the day you supplement this with 2-3 fruit servings, 4-5 veggie servings, 3 dairy/protein servings and one fat serving.  It does sound like a lot, but consider that I buy one bag of dried pineapple (which is usually more expensive than fresh or canned) for $2.29, and from that I get 12 fruit servings.  A 1 pound bag of carrots gives me about 8-12 servings.  The items you supplement with aren’t nearly as expensive as some people might think.  And you don’t have to have 2 salads a day, every day either (in fact I skipped my dinner salad because I was too full).

I have to say, of all the diets and weight loss systems I’ve ever tried in my life, this one has worked the best and was the only one that I was ever able to maintain (even for a little while), and that’s why I came back to it.  If you’ve ever thought about it, check out the website.  They are offering really good prices right now.  And if you should decide to give it a try, drop me a line.  I’d love to keep up with you there too.  Also, as a member I can send you a coupon for $30 off your first order.  Not trying to be pushy, I’ve just found something that’s making me happy about my weight for the first time in a very long time, and I’d love to be able to share the feeling.

Happy eating!!!

The evil “E” word

On the Nutrisystem website they have weekly goals published, much like I was trying to do on my own.  Well, week three is to incorporate exercise.

Yes, I said it!


I’ll say it again too…  exercise, exercise, exercise, exercise,exercise, exercise, exercise!!!!!

Gah, I’m killing my own motivation with this…  I hate freaking exercising!  I was chubby when I started school thanks to one of my best playmates, Little Debbie.  Add to it that I’m not what anyone would consider a natural athlete (dancer maybe, athlete never).  So of course I was teased and picked on in gym class.  Once got punched in the stomach by the biggest boy in class when we were lining up to go in…  I always figured it was either because he had a crush on me or because I never once made it to first base in kick ball.  We’ll assume the former.  😉

So what the hell do you do for exercise when you hate to exercise?  I’m talking loathe…  all the emotional programming from elementary school every time I even think about doing anything remotely athletic.  You make it into a game!  A video game to be more precise.

While I was checking out the discussion boards at Nutrisystem I discovered a 305 page thread all about this game for Wii called “Walk It Out.”  It sounded like a physical version of Farmville or something similar…  earn points for stepping in time to the music and use those points to buy trees, cars, flower beds, etc.  I looked into it and found that although it is discontinued it is readily available and only $20…  definitely not bad for a video game.

So I bought it!  I just finished my second session…  I walked 1.2 miles in 30 minutes and burned 160 calories!  It’s pretty nifty (yes, I said nifty)!  You get a walking buddy who tells you how you’re doing along the way, there are floating spheres everywhere that have the items you can buy, some have new walking paths to unlock, and every session there are 7 color spheres that create a rainbow when you collect them all (damn, now I sound like a friggin’ pokemon commercial).

Yeah, I’m excited about my little discovery here.  Just wanted to share with anyone who might read this.  As addicted as I am to Rock Band these days, this might just work out for me…  walk then rock?

Have a good one!

I love…


Got on the scale this morning and I lost almost a full pound since yesterday!

Yeah, I know it’s probably the water, but it still feels good for the scale to be going back down again.  I did put on a couple of pounds waiting for my NS food to get here, so I’ve got a littls further to go. 

I did good on day 1, bring on day 2!

A New Start

I started my Nutrisystem progam today, and just like the last time I started the one thought I’ve had for most of the day is, “This is more than I usually eat!”  So, granted, I did start eating later in the day than I normally do (11ish), but here’s the rundown so far…

Breakfast – NS cranberry/orange pastry, a slice of cheese & 3 dried apricots.  I liked the pastry…  kind of like an individual cake.  Aftewards I wasn’t hungry, but I wasn’t full.  I got hungry pretty soon there after.

Snack – This is supposed to be eated after dinner, but since we were going to a movie I took it with me to nibble on instead of popcorn or candy.  It was the NS version of Chex Mix.  Not so great.  Not sure if I’ll get it again.  I have 2 more, so they may grow on me.

Lunch – This is where things start to get a little screwy…  Our movie was out about 3:30 and we did some shopping.  I ate my NS fudge graham bar in the car.  Pretty tasty and surprisingly filling.  Then we went out to eat with my in-laws.  I got a chicken caesar salad with FF balsamic vinaigrette and gave my bread to the kids.  That took care of 1 veggie for lunch and my dairy/protein for lunch and snack.

Snack – 1 organic banana.  That took care of my fruit servings for snack & dinner.

Right now it’s almost 8:30 and I still have a lunchtime veggie, 2 dinner veggies, a dinner entree and a fat serving to get through.  I’m thinking I may try my NS buffalo chicken wrap with some mayo (for the fat), lettuce and some shredded carrots.  If the tortilla is too small for all of that, I’ll add a salad on the side.  I really don’t see myself making all of my veggie servings today, but hey, it’s my first day.  And considering I’m going from about 2 fruit/veggie servings in a typical day to 7…  I think making 6 is pretty good.

End of Week 9

A week after Thanksgiving, a new scale and a new training routine.  At least I’ve finally hit that goal of getting extra exercise in.  The best part of that is that I actually look forward to running!  ME!!!

Now for the not so good.  At the end of 2 months, I have a net loss of 1 pound.  =(  Not sure if the difference in scales has anything to do with it (but I’ll swear to anyone who askes that it does).  I do know that for a while there I was getting off track and falling into old habits.  Add in Thanksgiving (where I really tried to be sensible…  and I was better than usual, so I guess that’s good) plus a few more alcoholic beverages than usual, and there was bound to be a rebound.

So I’m pretty much back to the beginning.  With that in mind, there is one goal I set a while back that I’ve been slipping on quite a bit lately.

Week 10
So this week I’m hitting up that old soda and sweet tea goal again.  One here and one there is ok, but one a day is not so good.  It’s water, water and more water for me.  And maybe a few Kool-Aid or energy pack add ins. 😉


This message brought to you by my calves!

Looks like trail running involves flexing said calves a lot more than walking does.  So between tight calves and an upset tummy, I’m skipping the trail run for today.  I will, however, be going to the gym in a little while.  I can’t slack on my cardio at all.  I need to get to 50% running/50% walking (and that’s on courses 1/3 the length I’m training for) before New Years if I stand a chance of doing more than slogging my way through Hell Run!  Of course, will all that mud I’ll probably be slogging anyway!  lol!!!

I am woman, hear me roar!!!

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