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I normally log my weigh-in Wednsday mornings, although I have missed a few lately out of frustration of lack of success.  But today is a new Wednesday.  I started my Nutrisystem program just over a week ago…  yes, just before Christmas… and I’ve been doing good.

Now, I did go off the program on Cristmas Eve & Day, and I overindulged in pretzels the next night at a friend’s house.  But even despite those few days of excess I’ve dropped 6 pounds over the last 8 days.

It feels good to be successful with this. 

Yay me!!!





It’s 11:30 Christmas night.  I’m about to go to bed.  The last two days I’ve intended to stick to my plan, and the last two days I’ve failed.  But that’s ok, and I’ll tell you why.

But first…  how it all went down…

Christmas Eve was cold and dreary (might seem normal for most, but in South Texas it’s not uncommon to wear shorts two days out of Christmas week).  Between the weather and my cycle hitting, I just wasn’t getting full on my Nutrisystem food.  I had eaten a good 2/3 of my food by 2:00 pm, and I still had a party to go to.  So I decided to go off for the rest of the evening.  There’s always tomorrow…

Christmas Day was sunny.  The breeze was cool, but if it wasn’t blowing you could be warm in the sunlight.  I started the day off great, with a NS breakfast bar and cottage cheese with dried pineapple.  That little bit actually kept me going for quite a while.  (In fact, I think I’ll keep that cottage cheese bit up my sleeve for a while.)  We went to my in-laws about 1:30.  I wasn’t expecting much more than to open gifts.  They had tamales, rice and freshly made beans.  Plus they gave us all candy in our stockings.  Christmas Day was now a non-nutrisystem day!  lol!!!

But hey, there’s always tomorrow.


Just 3 days into my Nutrisystem plan and I’m less than a pound away from where I though I was starting when I began writing this blog back in October.  For those of you that aren’t keeping a chart of my progress… lol… when I started a few days ago, I had gained about 2 pounds from when I ordered (and I ordered when I seemed to be stuck at my starting weight from October).  My starting weight was 3 pounds higher than what I though it was.

Yes, that means that in just 3 days I’ve lost approximately 4 pounds!

I know the weight loss won’t continue to be this rapid, but it sure is making me feel good!  And making it that much easier to stick to.  I’m already getting my game plan in place for tonight’s Christmas party!

I love…


Got on the scale this morning and I lost almost a full pound since yesterday!

Yeah, I know it’s probably the water, but it still feels good for the scale to be going back down again.  I did put on a couple of pounds waiting for my NS food to get here, so I’ve got a littls further to go. 

I did good on day 1, bring on day 2!

A New Start

I started my Nutrisystem progam today, and just like the last time I started the one thought I’ve had for most of the day is, “This is more than I usually eat!”  So, granted, I did start eating later in the day than I normally do (11ish), but here’s the rundown so far…

Breakfast – NS cranberry/orange pastry, a slice of cheese & 3 dried apricots.  I liked the pastry…  kind of like an individual cake.  Aftewards I wasn’t hungry, but I wasn’t full.  I got hungry pretty soon there after.

Snack – This is supposed to be eated after dinner, but since we were going to a movie I took it with me to nibble on instead of popcorn or candy.  It was the NS version of Chex Mix.  Not so great.  Not sure if I’ll get it again.  I have 2 more, so they may grow on me.

Lunch – This is where things start to get a little screwy…  Our movie was out about 3:30 and we did some shopping.  I ate my NS fudge graham bar in the car.  Pretty tasty and surprisingly filling.  Then we went out to eat with my in-laws.  I got a chicken caesar salad with FF balsamic vinaigrette and gave my bread to the kids.  That took care of 1 veggie for lunch and my dairy/protein for lunch and snack.

Snack – 1 organic banana.  That took care of my fruit servings for snack & dinner.

Right now it’s almost 8:30 and I still have a lunchtime veggie, 2 dinner veggies, a dinner entree and a fat serving to get through.  I’m thinking I may try my NS buffalo chicken wrap with some mayo (for the fat), lettuce and some shredded carrots.  If the tortilla is too small for all of that, I’ll add a salad on the side.  I really don’t see myself making all of my veggie servings today, but hey, it’s my first day.  And considering I’m going from about 2 fruit/veggie servings in a typical day to 7…  I think making 6 is pretty good.

I did it!

Well, I actually did a couple of things, but if I said, “I did them,” I’d have to be writing an entirely different blog!

#1 – I signed up for Nutrisystem today.  I wouldn’t say I’m excited about it, but I am looking forward to the controlled portions and such.  I was looking through the members website and I’m pretty impressed with the tools they offer.  I had a little fun making my page and listing 10 facts about me (including the fact that when I was a size 12 a guy wanted to know what catalog to order me from!  lol!!!).

For my target weight I put 10 pounds under my highest weight (by bmi).  I figure that gives me a little bit of cushion.  It’s also about 10 to 15 pounds higher than where I was last time I was on the system.  So this time around I’m looking at loosing 75 pounds.  Hopefully controlling my eating like this, I’ll be able to make that by the big party next October and exceed my 52 pounds in 52 weeks.  Now it’s 75 pounds in 42 weeks…  oooh, that sounds a little scary.

#2 – Making the most of my last few days of food freedom (lol) and neither hubby nor I wanting to cook, we ordered pizza.  I had a coupon for a free pasta breadbowl with the pizza…  that was my dinner.  I ate the pasta and maybe 1/3 – 1/2 of the bowl.  Now I’m kind of regretting it.  My tummy’s upset.  I don’t think I’ll do that again.  Back to my regular eating habits until my Nutri-food comes in!!!

Bull horns or bullhorns?

The last time I wrote anything, I was going to look into some kind of system to follow, that I can stick to, since I’m not doing so hot on my own…  taking the bull by the horns so to speak (although I don’t know why anyone would actually want to grab a bull by the horns – lol). 

The one thing that probablly stood out to anyone who read my last little rant was my mention of Nutrisystem.  I’ve used it before and did quite well with it.  However I never got to the maintenance phase.  If I had I’d like to think that I’d still be a size 10 to 12 at 5’10”.  But alas, here I am at a 20 to 22.  Boooo…

So anyway, looked into it, and hubby and I figured it would be doable for me, and would help ensure he and the kiddos would be eating healthier too.

So, payday is Wednesday and I’ll be ordering my first month of meals.  It’s been a good 15 years or so since I was on the system last.  There are a few things that are the same, but many that have changed.  The only thing I’m worried about is that I’ve been trying to eat fresh as much as possible, so I’m scared I might not like the pre-packaged taste.  But time will tell, I guess.

I’ll aslo have to keep my eyes out for monthly package discounts.  I know when you sign up you get something like 3 weeks free – 1 for each of 3 months.  If I can find out how to keep getting that week free I’ll be in hog heaven.  Although I did read an article the otehr day that said there are usually discount codes out there.  I’ll just have to be vigilant!

Fab and 40, here I come!

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