Happy New Me!!!

It’s the last day of 2010.  It’s been a good year…  hubby and I got a house, a new (to us) car, and in the last week and a half of the year I started Nutrisystem.

I started on the 21st and despite taking a couple days off for Christmas I’ve already lost 7.5 pounds!  In 10 days!!!  With 3 days off!!!

I’m still having issue with the dinners not tasting very good, but I did discover a section on the NS website that has recipes using the dinners and you can add veggies and other ingredients to make a completely different dish.  I’m definitely going to be exploring that over the next few days.

So, my original purpose for this blog was for tracking so I would be able to lose a pound a week up until October, when my friends and I will be having a combined 40th birthday party.  Then, when I started Nurtisystem I reset that goal to 75 pounds…  of course I gained 2.5 while I was waiting for my food to be delivered.  So if you do that math, that means I’ve got 70 pounds to lose over the next 9-10 months.  Considering I’ve lost 7 pounds in a week and a half, I think I can manage an average of 7 pounds a month.

I wish everyone reading this a very happy, prosperous and very healthy new year!

Happy 2011!!!!


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