It’s 11:30 Christmas night.  I’m about to go to bed.  The last two days I’ve intended to stick to my plan, and the last two days I’ve failed.  But that’s ok, and I’ll tell you why.

But first…  how it all went down…

Christmas Eve was cold and dreary (might seem normal for most, but in South Texas it’s not uncommon to wear shorts two days out of Christmas week).  Between the weather and my cycle hitting, I just wasn’t getting full on my Nutrisystem food.  I had eaten a good 2/3 of my food by 2:00 pm, and I still had a party to go to.  So I decided to go off for the rest of the evening.  There’s always tomorrow…

Christmas Day was sunny.  The breeze was cool, but if it wasn’t blowing you could be warm in the sunlight.  I started the day off great, with a NS breakfast bar and cottage cheese with dried pineapple.  That little bit actually kept me going for quite a while.  (In fact, I think I’ll keep that cottage cheese bit up my sleeve for a while.)  We went to my in-laws about 1:30.  I wasn’t expecting much more than to open gifts.  They had tamales, rice and freshly made beans.  Plus they gave us all candy in our stockings.  Christmas Day was now a non-nutrisystem day!  lol!!!

But hey, there’s always tomorrow.


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