A New Start

I started my Nutrisystem progam today, and just like the last time I started the one thought I’ve had for most of the day is, “This is more than I usually eat!”  So, granted, I did start eating later in the day than I normally do (11ish), but here’s the rundown so far…

Breakfast – NS cranberry/orange pastry, a slice of cheese & 3 dried apricots.  I liked the pastry…  kind of like an individual cake.  Aftewards I wasn’t hungry, but I wasn’t full.  I got hungry pretty soon there after.

Snack – This is supposed to be eated after dinner, but since we were going to a movie I took it with me to nibble on instead of popcorn or candy.  It was the NS version of Chex Mix.  Not so great.  Not sure if I’ll get it again.  I have 2 more, so they may grow on me.

Lunch – This is where things start to get a little screwy…  Our movie was out about 3:30 and we did some shopping.  I ate my NS fudge graham bar in the car.  Pretty tasty and surprisingly filling.  Then we went out to eat with my in-laws.  I got a chicken caesar salad with FF balsamic vinaigrette and gave my bread to the kids.  That took care of 1 veggie for lunch and my dairy/protein for lunch and snack.

Snack – 1 organic banana.  That took care of my fruit servings for snack & dinner.

Right now it’s almost 8:30 and I still have a lunchtime veggie, 2 dinner veggies, a dinner entree and a fat serving to get through.  I’m thinking I may try my NS buffalo chicken wrap with some mayo (for the fat), lettuce and some shredded carrots.  If the tortilla is too small for all of that, I’ll add a salad on the side.  I really don’t see myself making all of my veggie servings today, but hey, it’s my first day.  And considering I’m going from about 2 fruit/veggie servings in a typical day to 7…  I think making 6 is pretty good.


2 Comments (+add yours?)

  1. rapidshare free premium accounts
    Jan 21, 2011 @ 08:37:11

    That’s kind of… abrupt.


  2. Shannon
    Jan 21, 2011 @ 16:56:20

    Not really, if you’ve been reading my full blog. I first mentioned something about Nutrisystem on Dec. 8th. It’s something I’ve done before and know I can be successful with. The only things that needed to happen were to decide if it would fit into our budget and then wait for payday.


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