End of Week 10

It was a simple idea.  Make small changes to my current diet/exercise routine and start losing small amounts of weight.  Do it so that the changes become second nature and not rebound back to my original weight.

Yet here I am 10 weeks into it, I’m sticking to my goals, and I’m right where I started.

This means one of two things to me.  Either I just can’t lose weight, or I need something more drastic (buy-our-meals type system, personal chef/trainer, surgery – because the other affordable systems I’ve done).  I’m up for any of those options, but my bank account isn’t.  Well, I might be able to swing something like Nutrisystem, but I’d have to have a serious talk with the fam about it since they would have to make major changes as well.

Week 11
This week I’m just trying to hang in instead of giving up (which I really want to do right now).  I’m going to check out affordable options, because doing this on my own just isn’t working.


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  1. Monex
    Dec 18, 2010 @ 02:48:27

    This changes every day but i make sure that i have at least one serving of vegetables one serving of protein and one serving of grain.


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