Impromptu Training

Today was supposed to be my belly dance class…  the one I teach to district employees.  I got a message at the end of the day saying that 2 of my 3 regulars weren’t going to be there.  I didn’t think the third would be since she was recently promoted, but who knows if anybody new would be there.  So hubby dropped me off rather than me getting the evening off and then he left to go take care of business.

Nobody showed up, and since hubby was otherwise occupied I was stuck for a while in the gymna-cafe-torium…  part gym, part cafeteria, part auditorium.  The good thing was that they had a couple of weight benches and some weight plates on the stage…  so I took advantage of the time I had there.  I got a few laps in around the dance area (mostly to get used to my Fivefingers), used a couple of 5lb. plates to do some light lifting, did some bench presses, crunches, stretches, etc.  All in all I did about a 25 minute workout, just with what I had there.  I’d post the workout, but I have no idea what to call some of the exercises!  lol!!!

I gotta say, I’m pretty proud of myself for doing it, too!


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