End of Week 9

A week after Thanksgiving, a new scale and a new training routine.  At least I’ve finally hit that goal of getting extra exercise in.  The best part of that is that I actually look forward to running!  ME!!!

Now for the not so good.  At the end of 2 months, I have a net loss of 1 pound.  =(  Not sure if the difference in scales has anything to do with it (but I’ll swear to anyone who askes that it does).  I do know that for a while there I was getting off track and falling into old habits.  Add in Thanksgiving (where I really tried to be sensible…  and I was better than usual, so I guess that’s good) plus a few more alcoholic beverages than usual, and there was bound to be a rebound.

So I’m pretty much back to the beginning.  With that in mind, there is one goal I set a while back that I’ve been slipping on quite a bit lately.

Week 10
So this week I’m hitting up that old soda and sweet tea goal again.  One here and one there is ok, but one a day is not so good.  It’s water, water and more water for me.  And maybe a few Kool-Aid or energy pack add ins. 😉


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