Training Day 1

And so it begins.  I’m actually volunteering myself for (and kind of looking forward to) running and obstacle training.  We’re going to be going to various parks around town and running/jogging/walking the paths.

Today we estimated that we did about a mile through the trails.  I did more walking than running, but you gotta start somewhere, right?  Actually, there were a couple times I was ready to pick up the speed again but didn’t get to because my son had worn himself out and needed to walk. 

At the end of the trail we had about 25 yards to go to the car, so I challenged my 4 year old ball of energy of a son to a race to the car.  I expected to lose that particular race knowing just exactly how fast my son can run, and knowing that I’ve just never been a runner.  I didn’t win, but the amazing thing was that I kept up with him the whole time!  He was only about a foot in front of me when we finished!

Over all, it was an encouraging experience.  Next week, when hubby gets paid,  we’re going to pick out our Christmas gifts for each other…  Vibram Five Fingers!  The next best thing to barefoot running.

Tomorrow we’re going to another park.  Hopefully I’ll narrow that running/walking ratio!


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