Warrior Dash!

Yesterday I mentioned that my husband wants to train up for the Warrior Dash next year.  After looking at the website and browsing through pictures posted by friends, I’m thinking it’s something that I might actually sign up for.

For those who haven’t heard of it, Warrior Dash is a trek through the woods with several obstacles, like a rope wall, muddy river bed to run through, rows of cars, and fire to jump over.  Costumes are encouraged and every participant gets a medal, a fuzzy hat with horns and a beer.  The winner receives a beautifully polished viking style helmet (with horns!). 

Seeing as I’ve never been a runner, I know I’m not even in the running for the helmet.  Not a problem.  This is going to be one of those things I do just to say I did it…  and to prove to myself that I can.  Most everything on the route are things that I avoided like the plague in my years of physical education.  You’d think I would avoid this as well, but something is compelling me to do this!

I don’t know if the couse stays the same or changes from year to year, but the one I’ll potentially be running, this year was 3.2 miles with the following obstacles (in order):

1 – Junkyard Jam – jumping over junked cars.
2 – Warrior Wall – climb over a wodden barricade.
3 – Hay Fever – climbing up and over hay bales.
4 – Walk the plank – just like it sounds, balance on a board to cross a ravine.
5 – Rio Run – running down a muddy creek bed.
6 – Cliffhanger – rappeling in a ravine (not sure if it’s up or down)
7 – Choatic Crossover – crawling across elevated, tangled nets.
8 – Arachnophobia – working through a plethora of randomly strung ropes (think Entrapment, only much less sexy!)
9 -Black Forest – I’m assuming the path is unmarked in this area (?)
10 – Cargo Climb – another just like it sounds – climb the cargo nets.
11 – Warrior Roast – jump over mounds of fire.
12 – Muddy Mayhem – just in case you’re still clean, crawl through mud under barbed wire!

So not me, but I so want to do it!  And this will give me the motivation I need to keep going to the gym, and keep moving and pushing myself physically to get better, to get stronger, to get healthier!


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