If Necessity is the Mother of Invention…

…then misery is the mother of change! 

I got up this morning, got on the scale and it’d barely budged.  Needless to say, I wasn’t exactly happy.  l was dejected, disappointed and my self esteem had gotten off the scale and headed out the door in a flash.

Thank God for my wonderful husband!  He’s so supportive and hates to see me upset.  So we sat down and talked and figured out a way for us both to be able to make it to the gym 3 days a week (he wans to start training for next year’s Warrior Dash – http://www.warriordash.com/).  In the past we’ve always gone to the gym together, but that’s just not going to happen for us right now.  So I’ll go while he picks up the kids, then he’ll go and I’ll start dinner.

Next step is to stick to it!  Bonus: I’ll finally make that extra workout day I’ve been trying to get in for the last month!  =)


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