What is wrong with me???

OMG!  The same day I set my goals, and I totally screw it up!  It was like I couldn’t control my own actions.  Here’s how it all happened…

This morning I made myself a peanut butter and banana smoothie (no milk, just ice) and that was going to be my breakfast.  I didn’t eat my tacos that my FIL makes every morning, gave them to someone at work.  Then came breakfast…  it was one of my favorites, a sweet cornmeal pastry.  Obviously, I gave in and ate it.  About an hour later I felt hungry again and drank my shake.  So instead of 1 breakfast I had 3!

Then it was lunch time and I was really hungry.  I had brought a good sized portion of a wonderful chicken/vegetable/noodle dish my husband made last night.  But did I eat it?  Of course not.  And why not?  Because it was cheese enchilada day at my school!  And what goes better with cheese enchiladas than sweet tea?  *sigh*

So, after classes are over I go to make some copies in the workroom.  Yeah, we’ve all heard the stories of food in the teacher’s lounge.  When I walked in there were two trays of party sandwiches.    Again, one of my favorites, pimento cheese.  (Although all the cheese may be a good thing after my minor food poisoning incident.)  I had what amounted to a full sandwich.

After we left we got the kids and did our weekly shopping.  First stop was Costco.  Apparently hubby and I had both had it with crappy food and decided to split a caesar salad.  It’s not much of a redemption after the rest of the day, but it did make me feel good to know that even on the worst days, I can still regain control of my actions!

Good night, everybody.


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  1. thebettylife
    Nov 18, 2010 @ 18:55:02

    It’s a lifestyle change, not a diet. So, you screw up one day, you simply get back on track the next. Don’t be discouraged.. All the best, Betty 🙂 x


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