End of Week 7

After my last post it’s probably no surprise that my weight is up a pound this week.  That means I’m 2 pounds off of where I wanted to be today.  That also means I’m at a net loss of 3 pounds in 7 weeks.  NOT GOOD!!!  I usually try to stay positive about these things, but I’m really disappointed in myself right now.  I feel myself falling back into old habits even while I’m working on creating new ones.  Which ones am I back to?

-Eating sweets during the week
-Not getting my fruit & veggie servings
-Not drinking shakes (I’m going to switch to another type I can actually drink)
-Drinking sweet tea and soda
-Not exercising!!!

Ok, self pity time is over!  Time to put up or shut up…

Week 8
Last week I said I wasn’t going to add new goals until I got my current goals right, so I’m going to stick with that, I just have a lot more to get right this week.  That nice little laundry list I got going on up there…  yeah, those are my goals for the week. 

One thing I’ve got going for me – I have a few shakes that I picked up yesterday, not in preparation for this (because frankly, most of this is off the cuff) but because I’ve had a mild case of food poisoning since Monday night and the shakes don’t upset my stomach. 

Now let’s get that positive spin on all of this…

I’m going to eat the salads I’m packing for myself.  I’m going to pack more fruit.  I’m going to schedule 2 days to go to the gym for 30 minutes!  And I’m going to do all of this and stick to it even with Thanksgiving on the horizon, because I can!  Because I need to!  Because I want it!!!

Time to fall back into my new habits!


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