It all started Friday.  The senior class was having a bake sale.  I bought a muffin – one of the great big ones – to help out the seniors.  To help make up for it I didn’t eat my school provided breakfast like I usually do.  First period, I had made a small wager of baked goods with a former student (who is ALWAYS in my room).  The baked goods would go to the winner of a dice game called Farkle that we use to study probability.  A current student who is working on the same lesson decided to join in and put up a pack of Reese’s cups.  Making a come-from-behind win, I wound up with the Reese’s, a chocolate donut and another muffin!  (I shared…  otherwise I’d have had intimate knowledge of my trash can).

Later in the day, when they were trying to get rid of the last of the sugary treats, they announced that everything was half price.  I had a few students who hadn’t satisfied their collective sweet tooth yet, so they went and bought more…  and then shared!  So I ate a chocolate cupcake.  =P

You’d think it would be over, but there’s much, much more!

My husband’s birthday was this weekend, plus it was payday weekend, so we did a lot of celebrating.  After all the sweets throughout the day, we ended up deciding to eat at Sea Island.  I ordered just a fish sandwich (knowing the kids wouldn’t eat all of their food, so I had some popcorn shrimp and fries too).  The bad thing is that I didn’t feel very hungry, but I ate anyway.  *sigh*  There’s always tomorrow…

In the morning we went to our favorite Tex-Mex restaurant for breakfast.  Not only did I finish my plate (which is rare for me to do there) but I also had half of a tortilla before I could even think about stopping.  That afternoon it was Chinese food with his parents and his birthday celebration at their house – meaning cake, ice cream & candy.  We did some shopping then picked up snacks and some Chik-Fil-A on the way home.

Sunday morning when hubby and I woke up with the kids we sliced up a summer sausage and stick of cheese we had gotten while out shopping the night before.  It got split between all of us, so it wasn’t too bad calorie wise.  Since Sunday was his actual birthday, and we didn’t get out to eat until after 11, he asked to eat at an Indian buffet…  and unlike Thursday, I got my money’s worth this time (not sure if that’s good or not).  But I ate more, planning on not eating for most of the rest of the day…  and I didn’t.  We met his parents about 5 o’clock for burgers at a fast food place.  I ordered a double burger, figuring I wouldn’t finish…  but I did.  Then I tried their new dessert.  Damn…  falling into old habits.

So this morning my weight was up 2 pounds.  I’m not terribly surprised by that.  Today is one last hurdle for me to jump…  I ate half my breakfast, then got to school and a student had brought me tacos.  Tonight I’ll be at a friend’s house for bellydance, and we’re having a birthday celebration for her as well (more cake – one small slice!  I swear!).  I’m drinking my water like a mad woman and will yoga and dance my little heart out tonight.

I’m highly disappointed in myself for falling so far off track, but would much rather do it now and regain my strength and will power before the holidays start!

Good thing for me we all have an infinite number of chances to get it right!


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