End of Week 6

For the second week in a row I’m right where I was last week.  Of course, somehow between Saturday morning and Monday morning I gained nearly 3 pounds, so being back to where I started is kind of a relief.  I’m not exacxtly sure why I had the jump in weight, I didn’t eat horribly and the “bad” foods I did eat I ate in moderation.  The only reason I can think of is that I had a severe lack of water on Sunday (I drank, just not water).  I’ve been back to my 3-4 water bottle a day habit, and the weight is coming back off, so I can hope for another replay from last week and have that pound off tomorrow morning.

I’ve been doing good getting my 2 veggie servings (nearly) every day.  Not so good getting that exercise in.  I did get my 1 yoga and 2 bellydance classes in (yay!) and I guess you could count walking around the car dealrship on Saturday as exercise.  We spent over an hour just looking at and narrowing down our options…  so maybe I did get some exercise in, but not necessarily deliberate.

Week 7
Looking back to my “What I’ve Learned” blog, I’m not going to set any new goals this week.  I’m going to stick with that exercise goal until I get it right, dammit!   Bellydance + 1 day of intentional exercise!

I can do it!


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