And I’ll say it again!

I’m a long time fan of Margaret Cho, ever since I saw “All American Girl” on TV when I was in college.  I was even lucky enough to see her perform live on her “I’m the One That I Want” tour (still wear my T-shirt and still lol when I hear or think, “Hi!  My name is Gwen…”).

Tonight I was reading her blog about a woman who was going on about how much she could eat because she was a marathon runner.  Anything she wanted, nothing was off limits.  And at the end of all of this bragging she went even further to say just how sculpted her body was.

When I read this, I was thinking I should be jealous of this woman…  eat what you want and have the perfect body (well, almost perfect).  But I couldn’t be.  Something in the way it’s described just makes her sound so sick…  so obsessed.  I could never be that person (besides the fact that I loathe running) and I wouldn’t want to be.  Even though she has what most of us dream of, I still don’t want to be like her.  I can’t put my finger on what it is about the decription of this woman, but it feels to me that she is still missing out on something.  There is something lacking in her life, although she hasn’t figured that out yet. 

I responded to the blog.  I said that even at my thinnest (153 pounds at 5’10”) I still wasn’t happy with myself.  This is a direct quote from my response:

“Now, I realize, it’s about being healthy. If you’re doing things that are good for you body, your body will be good to you… even if it may not be your dream body, you’ll feel good about yourself and THAT is the most beautiful thing anyone can experience!”

Feeling good about yourself: now THAT is the most beautiful thing anyone can experience.

And I’ll say it again!


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