What I’ve learned so far…

I’ve been adjusting my life style to be more healthy a little bit at a time for just over a month now.  In that relatively short amount of time I’ve come to a few realizations.

Real sugar is better!  I grew up in the diet/no calorie everything generation.  I clearly remember the pemier commercial for Diet Coke (because even I thought Tab was gross).  And it blossomed from there.  It started with my parents keeping nothing but diet sodas in our house when I was in 6th grade and eventually grew to diet ice cream and cheesecake.  Deciding to kick the artificial sweeteners was a big deal for me!  Now that I have, I use sugar, agave nectar and honey.  I’ve found that not only do I not crave sweets, but I can’t eat nearly the amount that I used to.  So I may be getting more calories from the sweetener, but less overall since I eat a fraction of what I used to.

Fast Food Stinks!  We all know the feeling of driving by a restaurant when we’re hungry and catching a whiff of burgers, bbq, fried chicken or whatever else is on the menu.  But think about driving by those places when you’re not hungry.  Sometimes it makes my stomach turn to smell it.  What I’ve discovered is that if you don’t eat that type of food for a while, it doesn’t taste so good either.  Used to be on some days I’d not eat anything all day so I could have an Ultimate Cheeseburger and curly fries from Jack in the Box.  Last night I stopped in to one, having only eaten two tacos for breakfast about 10 hours earlier.  What I found was that I could only eat about half of the burger, and it really didn’t taste all that good anyway.

Good food is good for you!  I know it seems pretty obvious, but stick with me on this one.  Since I’ve cleaned up my eating I just feel better.  I don’t dread going to my dance classes, and I’m adding more physical activity into my routine.  My mood is better (my husband is happy about that one).  My libido is up as well (my husband is really happy about that one).  It’s like I’ve put on rose colored glasses.  And as far as behavior goes, my son is a huge challenge.  Since eating better either I’ve become more tolerant of his behavior, or his behavior has gotten better, or a little of both.  Either way, that relationship is not as stressed as it was.

The Fine Print.  I’m not trying to make any claims here.  Nothing about any of this is scientific nor proven.  These are just observations I’ve made of the changes in my life since I’ve started on my pound a week journey.  I don’t even seek to inspire people to follow in my footsteps. 

What I do hope for is that anyone who wants something to change in their life is willing to do it the right way.  Making small changes and sticking with them until they are habit before making more is far better than making sweeping changes and then not being able to stick to them.  Do it enough times and you lose trust in yourself to follow through.  If you’ve already lost that trust with yourself (like I had) make and keep small promises.  It’ll be back before you know it and you’ll be feeling great in no time!


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