Ayurveda Update

In case anyone was wondering what happened to all my wacky talk about ayurveda, it’s not gone.  It hasn’t made its way into my daily diet yet either, though.

With hubby’s 9 days of traveling 75 miles one way to his motorcycle rider coach training, we lived off fast and convenience foods for about 2 weeks.  Trying to get back to good food was a challenge, and to top it off all the bad food plus all the gas really pulled our budget thin.  At this point I’m really wishing I got paid more often than once a month!  Knowing we were going to be stretching our dollars about as far as they can go for these two weeks, we returned my shakes (that I didn’t really like anyway) and in their place we got a 10 pound bag of frozen chicken breasts, frozen mixed vegetables, organic spring mix salad, margarine (enough for about 6 months!  lol!), water and a case of Vitamin Water knock off.  So far we’re doing good between that and what we had already in the house.  My husband is amazing in the kitchen.  There’s always more than what I think there should be for the amount of food that goes into the dish…  sum of the parts being greater than the whole?  Wish I knew how he did it!

His pay check comes in next Friday, then mine on Monday.  I think this week I’ll sit down and start our ayurvedic grocery list!


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