End of Week 5

I’m gonna get straight to it.  I didn’t lose any weight this week, but I didn’t gain any weight either.  Considering that I’m writing this just 3 days after Halloween, no gain is a victory!

Part of the reason (besides CANDY) I didn’t lose any weight is because I haven’t made my exercise goal since I set it 2 weeks ago.  I haven’t even come close.  And I know that’s part of my problem… just not enough time to get it done.  At least not lately.  We’re still trying to recover from hubby’s week and a half at motorcycle rider coach training.  Good news is that last night we started cleaning up the house, got the dinner table back where it should be, and made dinner at home.  I’m hoping that getting back to a routine will help out.

Week 6
My goals for the coming week…  I’m revising that exercise goal to just add one day of either walking or cardio at the gym to my 1-2 days of belly dancing.  (start small and it’s easier to adapt, right?)  And on that same thread, I’m going to make sure to have 2 servings of fruit/vegetables each day.  For both of these goals, I do plan on upping the numbers once I adapt to this, so that I eventually end up where I would like to/need to be.

3 pounds in 5 weeks…  not bad but I can do better!!!!


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