No ‘poo – shampoo #2

I really hoped that my next no ‘poo update would not have news of me shampooing my hair.  Unfortunately it does.  And I think I’ll have to shampoo at least once more.

My hair was getting dried out a bit at the ends, and very hard to brush while it was wet (that’s just something with my hair texture…  normally I condition it within an inch of it’s life to get a brush through it).  Since the conditioner only method didn’t work out for me – still causing the skin irritation behind my ears – I decided to use a natural oil to condition my hair.  Hubby suggested almond oil since in ayurveda it has moisturizing properties for the skin, so we got some.  I used it and it would seem that I used too much.  I came out of the bath looking like I hadn’t washed my hair in a month (ba-dum-bump!) and my tangles weren’t any better.  I used baking soda paste and it got some of the oil out, but it still looked pretty greasy.  I shampooed this morning and I’m still looking greasy.  I think if I wash one more time I’ll at least have enough out that I won’t have to rock a permanent pony tail.

I’m undecided on if the oil actually did anything to help the condition of my hair or not.  I’ll try it again in a week or two (using a much smaller amount of oil) and see how it goes.  If this doesn’t work I’ve hear coconut oil works well.  I’ll just have to see what works best for me!


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