Bad or ok? What do you think?

Ok, so for my first week into this lifestyle change, I swore to limit my sweet treats to weekends only.  I’ve been doing really good with that too.  So good in fact that I didn’t even indulge in sweets this past weekend.  I’ve almost cut my cravings out entirely.  Note the word almost

This morning I stopped at a convenience store so my hubby could pick up something for breakfast.  Before we even pulled in the parking lot I knew I just had to get a lemon pastry.  I don’t know why, I just needed a lemon pastry this morning. 

So my question to you is if this an ok thing or is it a bad thing?

Let me point out that I wasn’t really feeling a need for sugar, and it wasn’t an overwhelming craving.  Also, now that I have eaten the pastry, my craving is satisfied.

So, did I blow it or did I do good by not letting the craving get out of control?


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