End of Week 4

Muahahahahahahahahahahahaha!!!!!!!!!!  I’m having fun with Halloween/School Spirit Week.  It’s nerd day, so I’m dressed in my Pi t-shirt (tucked in), rolled up jeans & tube socks (with the stripes around the top).  I’m also wearing my glasses and a pretty dorky hairstyle inspired by Gilbert’s girlfriend in Revenge of the Nerds. 

So I’m having fun crossing that idea with Urkel…  I keep having the urge to ask people for cheese.

So anyway…  on to the results….  And the verdict is…

One more pound down!!!  Actually, two.  The one I gained last week plus one more new one…  so if you’re keeping track, that makes 3 pounds in 4 weeks.  That also puts me back to where I thought I was starting from in the first place!  lol!  But, I’m working on it, that’s what counts.

Week 5
I was unsure what I was going to have as my goal for the up-coming week when I got up this morning.  There are a lot to choose from, but I don’t want to go through them so fast that I run out before the end of the year!  In fact, I read an article yesterday about how to cut your calories and lose weight while still eating fast food – some of which I actually haven’t done yet and am willing to do – but I’ll save those for a later date (and I’ll put the article on my links list if you’re interested in checking it out).

So, my challenge for the week found me today.  My husband and I have been talking for at least a year about doing a combined performance at some point – me belly dancing and him playing capoeira – creating a story around the idea of a love spell.  So he tells me this morning that I’ll need to learn how to do a turkish drop for the choreography.  Knowing this move can be dangerous if not done properly, I start looking up information and found a link to exercises specifically for helping with back bends!  YES!!!  This is it!  This is my challenge for the week…  this also helps me keep up with my challenge for last week too!

Onward and downward!!!


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