Finance and Weight Loss

This morning as I was scrubbing my scalp with baking soda and listening to the 968,438th story about the slowly recovering economy, I had the urge to go to the people who complain that said recovery is taking too long and beat ’em with the bright stick (kind of like an ugly stick, but to help people see the obvious).

Since that’s unlikely to happen, I formulated what I would say if the opportunity to dicuss the matter ever arose.  So this is it…

Financial recovery is like trying to loose weight.  In both cases, assuming you were once in a relatively healthy position, it’s really easy to let things go downhill.  Either you eat too much without exercising, or you spend too much without the financial backing.  I’m sure we all know how easy it is to do both (and sometimes at the same time, even).

The hard part is getting back to that healthy position.  Am I right? 

Anyone who has had weight or financial issues of their own know that it’s easy to get yourself in a bad spot, and much, much more difficult to get yourself out of it.  I can gain 10 pounds in a month without trying.  Unfortunately I can’t lose 10 pounds in a month without trying.  I can spend $8000 over 3 months to renovate my house, and then take 2 1/2 years to pay it all back.

My point here is that it took several years of financial mismanagement to tank the economy.  Why are we expecting it to be fixed in just 2?


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