What a start!!!

This week started (relative to my weigh in day of Wednesday) with a wimper…  a big sigh, some pleading, some tears…  it wasn’t pretty.

What happened?  With my hubby off in San Marcos day in and day out for his motorcycle rider coach training, my routine is severely straying from normal.  That’s not a good thing for me.  In order for me to remember everything I have to remember, I need to go on auto-pilot for some of it. 

On Thursday’s I teach a belly dance class for employees of my district.  Nothing big, just a fun way to get some exercise.  Being out of my routine, when I left the house yesterday morning I forgot not only my change of clothes (which I could have worked around) but I also forgot my radio.  No music = no dance!  I had a really nice conversation with the ladies that always show up for class, but I didn’t get my exercise in for yesterday.  That means I’ll have to make it up another day.  First day of the week and I’ve already used up one of my two free days!

On top of that, I’m having a pretty bad food morning.  I got to work and someone had brought pastries in from a German bakery. (drrrrooooooollllll)  I promised myself I’d only have one if there were apple fritters, which (of course) there were.  The sweet, yummy goodness didn’t hold, so I ate the school breakfast too.  At that point I decided it would probably be best if I didn’t drink my shake on top of all that.

I’m still looking seriously into that Ayurvedic website (which I got an email from  – just because I clicked through their weight loss info – asking what my goals were…  thought that was pretty awesome of the site since it had only been like a day!).

I’m hoping to connect with some other health-minded folks looking to loose a few pounds through TRiBE (new urban community I’m involved with – find ’em on facebook) and hopefully we’ll be able to support each other and find activities to do together.  Half of my problem is not having time or finances to make formal classes.  If we’re able to organize something near where I live and if I can get the kids taken care of, I’d be a happy camper.  But those are 2 really big ifs!

So I trudge forward, doing my best to make good decisions and trying to minimize the effects of bad ones.  Send me some good vibes, I can use all I can get!



2 Comments (+add yours?)

  1. thebettylife
    Oct 22, 2010 @ 18:52:11

    Good luck with your weight loss goals 🙂


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