End of Week 3

Sorry for not getting this posted earlier.  I had to give the TAKS test today and have been a bit busy.

So the result for today…


Not only did I not lose my pound for the week, but I gained one.  Isn’t that just craptastic?  (I love that word.)  And as you can see I’m keeping my chin up.  There is much I can still do.  And I’m fairly sure the gain is just monthly bloating and will go away soon enough…  so not looking forward to that day of peeing every 20 minutes!

Like I said, there is still a lot I can do.  I just started back on my shakes, although I think I may have to abandon them for protein bars instead (they are just WAY too sweet).  I’m at the beginning of this particular journey, and this is the equivalent of forgetting something at home and having to go back for it.  I will not let myself be defeated.  I must succeed!

So, I made myself a promise today.  My promise to myself is that once I get the bod I’m going Jamie Lee Curtis all the way!  The hair is coming off.  I had short hair a few years ago and really liked it.  The problem is my tiny little kid-sized head.  With my current proportions, if I kept my hair short I’d end up looking like the guy from Beetlejuice sitting on the couch with the shrunken head!!!!  LMAO!!!

So here it is…

Week 4

For this week I’m torn between calories and exercise.  So, since I’ve already cut calories by drinking my (nasty) shakes, I guess I’ll make it exercise…  5 days a week, 30 minutes minimum, even if it’s just a walk around the neighborhood (which will probably be at least 3 days a week).

And I’m off!


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