No ‘poo – Update

I made it about 3 weeks, and this morning I decided to shampoo my hair this one time.

Generally my hair has been in good shape.  Everywhere around my hair line you would have no idea that I hadn’t been shampooing at all!  It was just the back of my hair.  If you can imagine the exact center of your scalp, then draw a circleabout 2/3 of the way to your ears…  this is where my hair was getting heavy and feeling a little tacky (not quite sticky, not really greasy).

So, the rationale is this…  before I went no ‘poo, I was shampooing about every third day.  Much less often than the last time I tried this, but still often enough that my scalp was producing oils pretty regularly.  Since it’s been three weeks, I’m betting that the oil production is down, so this one shampoo will clean out the build up and my hair should stay pretty clean for a while…  alomost like weaning off of shampoo. 

I may have to shampoo again in a few weeks, and that’ll be ok too.  But I do believe that within the next few months I should be completely off shampoo.  As long as I wait longer and longer between shampoos this should be doable!



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