Contemplations on the foods I (don’t) eat

For the last day or two I’ve really been thinking hard about the foods I eat.  We all hear, “You are what you eat,” and other mantras to help steer us towards the so called smart choices.  I’ve heard them all my life, and I was perfectly happy being a Little Debbie Swiss Roll.  And that’s the exact attitude that has gotten me to a point that I don’t enjoy the taste of fresh, natural foods the way I probably should!  So, I’m going to (do my best to) only eat what’s good for me!  What?  Give up lush, gooey, oozy goodness for a salad?  Hell yes!!!  (Ok, that was more to psyche myself up on the idea than it was actual enthusiasm.)

What started all of this crazy talk in my head (you know, giving up the sinful yummy foods for hard-to-swallow good-for-you foods)?  Two things.  But since this particular stream of thought was brought on last night, we’ll start there.

At home by myself, I started browsing through my Netflix for Wii.  I decided that since the kids weren’t around I could watch something besides “Cloudy With A Chance Of Meatballs.”  So, I started browsing through the new movies list and came across one called “Food Matters.”  Since it seemed related to my ongoing (a.k.a. never-ending) journey to loose weight, I figured I’d check it out.

The movie wasn’t what I expected.  I wasn’t even necessarily impressed by the handful of “experts.”   Although the information they gave was quite interesting.  The main idea of the film is that we are a vitamin poor society, and that most (if not all) of our ills can be treated with high dose vitamin therapy.  The thought is a little out there, I thought at first.  But thinking back, just in my life span, I can mark a distinct difference in general wellness of the population and with the way they eat.  I’m not saying I’ve done any research or anything like that.  Just to my recollection there seems to be more sick people in 2010 than there were in 1980, and people in 2010 eat far less nutritional foods than they did in 1980.  Coincidence?  Maybe.

That brought me to something that my husband and I heard about in church and briefly discussed (and have not followed up until now).  Ayurveda.  In a nutshell, you identify which of 3 types you are, and then eating accordingly.  Finding your type is based on physical as well as some psychological characteristics.  The premise behind Avyurveda is that anything you put in your body is either helping it or hurting it.  This is where I decided to do my best to give up those sinful yummy foods for hard-to-swallow good-for-you foods. 

Now, I loves me some cheesecake, and hamburgers, and anything remotely relating to chocolate (unless bugs are involved), but when I look at it through the glasses of Ayurveda I really have to just stop.  How can I continue eating cheese if it’s hurting me?  How can I continue eating nuts if my body doesn’t process them properly?  Why am I going to eat something my body sees as poison?

These are just examples that I pulled from my far-from-professional results on and probably aren’t applicable to everyone, maybe not even me!  I did, however, have a slighty more in depth and (at least to me) more trustworthy result from (and who wouldn’t trust a site called joyful belly?).  Joyful Belly does require registration, but once you’re done with your quiz you get a laundry list of recipes specifically for your type (it also denotes if it is appropriate for other types as well, if you’re cooking for more than one).  So, I did get the same result from both sites, and I now have a food guide that I can start planning my weekly local/organic produce delivery around, as well as recipes to help me plan meals.

So, I take my first step on my journey, and hope that it’s one of a thousand miles and not a thousand hours.  I hope to find others to join me on my journey, to find and give support, either through this blog or my church or the ayurvedic community at large.  It’s not your typical path, but since when am I typical?


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