End of Week 2

Split decision…

So I didn’t lose a pound this week.  That was expected.  But I did have a loss for the week.  It was even enough to put me at exactly 2 pounds in 2 weeks.  So my emotions are split as well.  I didn’t meet my weekly goal, but I am still on track for my 52 in 52.

Looking back over the week I’ve pin-pointed what I need to work on next.  More water.  On Thursday I was home sick and drank my suggested 8 cups of water, and probably a little more, and the next morning I was on track to lose more than a pound for the week.  By yesterday I was almost back to where I started.  I know I have a hard time drinking water over the weekends, and since I basically had a 4 day weekend, by the time I got back to work on Monday I was out of the habit.  I think I may pick up some of the flavored sparkling water they sell at the grocery store to keep around for weekends.  Of course I’ll have to hide it, otherwise it’ll be gone before I get a chance to even open one.  lol!

I’ll also be making another change about half way through the week.  Pay day (oh wonderful pay day) is Friday, so I’ll be able to pick up my shakes for the month.  Even if I modify the “shake diet” and have a small snack with each shake, I still end up eating less overall…  but that’s later.  Let’s stick to the goal on hand.

Week 3 – Ok Montezuma, you win.  I’ll drink the water!  Lots and lots of water.


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