Just breathe…

On the day before my weigh in for the week, knowing I probably won’t have good news tomorrow, I’m reflecting on what I have done negatively, what I have done positively, and what positive things I plan on doing in the future.

Let’s get the negative stuff out of the way, shall we?  1) I’ve eaten waaaayyyy too much fast food.  I know the reason for this…  lack of planning.  The reason for lack of planning is just plain being busy.  2) Along with that fast food, since I’ve given up soda, I’ve been drinking sweet tea…  lots and lots of sweet tea.  Guess it’s time to find someting else to drink.  (water…  what’s that?)  3) And on that note…  I haven’t been drinking enough water.  Just yesterday I realized when the day was 3/4 over, I hadn’t touched any of the water I had brought for the day.  When I was home sick last Thursday I followed doctor’s (huuby’s) orders to drink lots of water.  The result was a smaller number on my scale.  I didn’t drink as much for a few days after that.  The result was a larger number on my scale.  I don’t need to use my Math degree to figure that one out!

Now, let’s look at the good stuff I did this week.  1) I started going to my hubby’s Kundalini yoga classes.  Lots of breathing technique..  While it may not always be physically challenging, it definitely boosts your energy, which is always good.  Last night I did yoga then went straight to belly dance class, and man-o-man did it feel good!  2)  I went back to belly dance class on Monday!  I’ve been out for a bit for various reasons, and missed my Thursday class because I was sick, so getting back to dancing really felt awesome.  Hangin’ with my chicas was fun too!  Been too long since we were able to catch up!  3) I have successfully upheld my first two goals of restricting sweets to weekends only and I have eliminated soda from my diet (with one small slip last Thursday at my in-laws – about 8 oz of diet soda with dinner and then a really loud “Doh!”)

Looking ahead, I already know what 2 of my goals are going to be, and they are tied to each other in a way.  1) Once my next check comes in (c’mon pay day!) I’m going to pick up enough protein shakes to last me for the next month.  You see, at the beginning of the year I was doing the Slim-Fast thing – a shake for breakfast, one for lunch, and a sensible dinner – but using protein shakes.  I was having moderate success with that and just needed to get some physical activity in with it.  Now I’m getting the activity, but I’m back to my old diet (not as in weight loss regime, but just daily food intake) and it’s not working as well.  And I did good on the shakes.  And when it was time for a meal I generally didn’t eat as much as I would have (and do, now).  Which leads me to…  2) Stop eating when I’m full!  Most the time I don’t even keep eating because it tastes especially good.  I guess I’m trying for the Clean Plate Club badge of honor or something.  I need to remember, that’s not an honor that I want!!!  And again, when I’m drinking the shakes I have a better gauge of this.  If I’m just out there eating whatever I’ll keep eating until I upset my stomach, and usually I do it without being mindful of the fact that I’m eating at all, let alone how much I’m eating.

Wow, that’s some perspective huh?  Guess I’ll go chew on that for a while.  Let’s hope I feel full when I’m done!  =)


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