End of Week 1 and…


Heh, that’s my favorite part of watching soccer.  So yeah, I made my goal this week plus a little.  I lost about a pound and a half.  There is some good and some bad to go with it though…  Bad is that when I weighed myself after I started this blog last week, I had gone up three pounds (due to that sugar binge for the 2 or 3 days before hand).  Good is that I lost more than a pound, so I’m already getting rid of that little bit of extra. 

Now I did do a couple of things last night out of the ordinary that may have thrown my weight off this morning.  I ended up skipping dinner…  not intentionally, it just happened that way.  I did eat, but I wouldn’t really call it dinner… hubby took me to the movies last night (we saw Salt…  loved the cliffhanger ending) so I had popcorn, which always makes me retain some water.  And always looking at the upside to everything…  since I’ve sworn off sweet treats during the week, when we were getting our snacks for the movie, instead of hitting the candy isle, I went to where they have the trail mixes and such and picked up a bag of yogurt covered raisins.  It may not be the best choice, but it is a better choice!  (yay me!)

Week 2
So now here I am ready to make another tweek to my daily food consumption and I actually find myself torn between two druthers (ba-da-bum).  I’ve been working these into my routine anyway, but now it’s time to make one official and not just follow it if I feel like it.  So my choices are to cut out sodas or to stop eating when I start to feel full.

Not too long ago I decided to limit my artificial sweetener intake as low as possible.  Surprisingly I didn’t gain weight!  I guess it’s the difference in the calories from the sugar and the water retention from the salt in diet sodas.  The one thing I’ve had a hard time giving up as far as sweeteners go is water add ins – like Kool-Aid and energy packets.  Sodas aren’t that difficult for me to give up.  The only time I really pick soda over something else is when I’m at a fast food place or the movies or something of the like.

I think that’s it…  Sodas are out!  I know for a fact it impacts my weight.  I’ve eliminated them before with success, and I can do it again (and it’s not a difficult change…  I’d rather have juice or lemonade most times anyway).

And week 2 is under way….


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