Where to start? With a goal!

In just over a year I, along with two of my three best friends, will be having a blow out of a party to celebrate our 40th birthdays.  I never thought I’d be excited to be turning 40, especially before I’ve even turned 39!

So tonight I was thinking over the possibilities of the party-to-come, and realized that my outer me does not project the inner me very well and most of the reason for that is my weight!  Not a big surprise sine I come from one of the fattest cities in the US (San Antonio – and all the gooood tex-mex!).  I saw an image of myself on that night the way I am now and thought I looked pretty ridiculous.  So, to save everyone else the pain of what I saw in my own head I decided to do something about it!  (Again!  For the 30th time in my life!  No, I’m really going to do it this time!  I swear!  Why else start a blog?)

Have you ever seen “The Breakfast Club?”  That scene where they’re talking about Molly Ringwald’s character having a fat girl inside just waiting to come out when she gets older?  Well, I’ve always felt just the opposite of that.  I’m a fat girl with a skinny girl waiting to get out…  and not the one I ate 20 years ago.  I’m pretty sure I’ve digested her by now!

So, knowing that I’m resistant to huge changes, will fall into old habits easily, and having some sense of what changes I need to make, I decided to go easy on myself and make small changes and tweeks to what I do and eat and hopefully achieve my goal of losing a pound a week for the next year!  At that rate I should be right about at my college weight when the big 4-oh party rolls around (which is about 3 months before my actual birthday, so I’ll be Hotty McHotpants by the time the actual birthday shows it’s aging head).

Week 1 – Cutting down on sweet treats!

I know my biggest downfall is any and all kinds of sweets…  cookies, cake, candy…  Yes please!!!  I know I eat way to many of them, and they are on my mind right now because I’ve over-indulged for the last two days!  Bad fatty!!!  So, while normally my first order of business on any type of weight loss adventure would be to swear to Montezuma that I’ll drink more water, for my first week (this time around) I am swearing to limit my sweet treats to weekends only!  Wish me luck!

And awaaaaaayyyyy we go!!!!


3 Comments (+add yours?)

  1. Pam
    Sep 30, 2010 @ 04:12:17

    Wishing you all the best on this journey! It sounds like you are going about it in a good, practical, and healthy way, so that will definitely increase chances of success. By making these small changes as you go, I think you’ll find it easier than you would imagine. I have a suggestion, though. Please don’t keep referring to yourself as “fatty” or anything along those lines. That will just firmly keep planting the idea in your brain that you are fat, and that will end up sabatoging your efforts. Replace those thoughts of yourself with something more loving and positive, and it will help you succeed. Love ya, girl!


  2. nooney72
    Oct 01, 2010 @ 02:19:26

    Thanks Pam! (((hugs)))

    And just so you know, I don’t really use terms like fatty when I refer to myself. Only in a joking manner. =)


  3. Pam
    Oct 01, 2010 @ 04:11:01

    I’m glad to hear it, but even joking is putting yourself down – and you are far too beautiful, inside and out (oh yes you are!) to put yourself down, hon. (((HUGS)))


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